Thursday, August 6, 2009


I just have to write this story about Radhi OAG and his wife (future ex-wife, I don’t know)

To have an arguments in front of the journalists and the photographers is not a good idea as an adults you should think about your children..shooh!! malu la dia, bila dia pergi ke sekolah nanti kawan kawan tanya kenapa mak ayah kau gaduh? Betul ke mak kau tidur dengan laki laki lain? Did you guys think about the results that may give an impact to both families especially your children? To create a stupid scene just to get another cheap publicity .. aduhai kenapa la jadi macam ni? Saya sampai tak larat nak tengok kat … yup someone post it on the whole world knows…so how it feel now…I don’t want to make thing worst but please think before you proceed to something that you’ll regret later.. and to have an arguments such as “apa kau buat kau rumah dia?” , “lepak la…” it’s like watching a teenagers couple fighting …. Come on, don’t let the whole world know what’s the big problem behind the curtains…keep it to yourself..

Just a very iota advise from me..if you can save your marriage please do so..but if you guys can’t get along anymore do it in such a nice way…there’s no problem that cannot be settle, no such thing, ..that’s why GOD give us most complex biological structure in our body also known as BRAIN for us to think and find a solution before we jump into a conclusion and lead to a stupid reaction

From Dubai With love….Cheers!!!!

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