Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Durian thanks to LeAnn for the pictures

Thank you very much LeAnn!!!!

With Zaki my housemate

with my buddies from left: Razak, Hasnol, Durian, Muiz and Shaheeran

frinds and family, from left: Azril, Zaki, LeAnn, Samson, Hafeez, Durian, Nordin, my mother and Kak leha


Bahariah said...

Uncle jam! oopps! am i not suppose to reveal our r/ship?!!! =p

Giler tak call before u blah!takpe! takpe!
keep us updated from there....Do you want me to distribute your blog's url to all rembau-rian?

Durian said...

you should write cute uncle...