Saturday, February 20, 2010

phone etiquatte?

I was spoken on the phone with Scott, my american friend the other day, and as usual he will end up the conversation without saying "buh bye" as most of asians does. At first I thought that he was in rushed so I don't really bother, but after happened so many time and as a decent asian guy (shut up) I found it a little bit rude, so a question just pop-up from my mouth asking him why he never say "buh bye" every time he want to put down the phone, soon I learned the word of "buh bye" only used to express farewell, an acknowledgment or expression of goodwill at parting by american, thus since ending up a conversation on the phone doesn't consider as a parting that's why most of americans didn't say "Buh Bye" , explained by Scott. Hmmm well it make sense. Yesterday I had a long conversation with my friend in Malaysia after he said "buh bye" I just press the end button on my mobile without reply to his , and after a few minutes I received a text message from him : " dude, did I offended you in anyway while we talked on the phone just now?. I wonder why he send me the msg so I called him again and asked him why should I feel offended..he replied "you didn't say BUH BYE at the end of the conversation"

To Yusuf, how sorry I really am and to Scott thanks for the long explanation the other day and to my self stop being confused!!!


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